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Integrated with wireless functionality, power management, and I/O technologies, the WSN-4000 series are revolutionary products for data acquisition.
Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard, networks can be easily deployed and extended. Moreover, low rates and low duty cycles make it possible for them to act as standalone devices, providing cost-effective remote I/O solutions. With the popular industrial communication protocol Modbus RTU, WSN-4000 series products can be adapted into any SCADA or industrial system with Advantech products, such as IPCs, ADAM, EKI, or WebAccess.
2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant with ADAM-4000/6000 Low-power Consumption Modbus RTU Protocol SCADA SW Support

Overview of Wireless Sensor Networks
Advantech I/O Network Solutions
Through our remote I/O products, industrial communication solutions and IPC platforms, Advantech provides total solutions for many applications. Advantech’s Wireless Sensor Network I/O products, the WSN-4000 series, helps complete remote I/O solutions and makes it even easier to expand I/O networks.
Low Power Consumption & Robustness through IEEE 802.15.4
Because Wireless Sensor Networks are designed for standalone and remote data acquisition, low-power consumption is very important. Low data rates and low duty cycles are the major characteristics of IEEE 802.15.4, making the WSN-4000 series possible to work as low-power consuming and robust devices.
Robust Topologies
Star Topology
Tree Topology
Mesh Topology
WSN End Node WSN Router WSN Gateway
The three flexible topologies for network construction are star, tree, and mesh respectively. Mesh networking is ideal for wide-coverage applications and self-healing mechanisms can be implemented as a backup routing path. More importantly, Peer-to-Peer capabilities enable WSN devices within a mesh network to communicate with each other and transfer data automatically.
Product Offering
  3-ch Analog Input Node  
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  4-ch Digital Input Node  
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  3-ch Relay Output Node  
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  WSN Router Node  
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  WSN Modbus RTU Gateway  
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