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The Latest Advanced Wireless I/O Modules: ADAM-2000Z series

Leading industrial automation solutions provider, Advantech, has released its latest wireless I/O modules. The ADAM-2000Z series, utilizes the IEEE 802.15.4 standard I/O and latest sensor technology whilst supporting 2.4GHz mesh networking to provide the flexibility and build a cost-effective distributed monitoring system. The wireless ADAM-2000Z series includes six modules, including a Modbus/RTU gateway, router node, and I/O and the sensor devices listed below.

With an outstanding design, the ADAM-2000Z series features low power consumption, ensured data integrity, Modbus/RTU protocol support, a high degree of accuracy of 16 bits for AI module and a wireless site survey tool in the ADAM Utility. Regarding the lower power consumption, just 2 x AA alkaline batteries will keep the devices updated at 1-minute intervals for a year.

In addition, the ADAM-2000Z series supports the Modbus/RTU protocol so that it can be connected to other Modbus modules without any additional software or cost. The control of the ADAM-2000Z Series can be easily integrated into most HMI and SCADA devices using the Modbus/RTU protocol. Configuring a reliable wireless network, site survey is an important task; the ADAM-utility includes the site survey tool, “Topology”, for users to get a module’s status and wireless communication quality. For the network capacity, the ADAM-2000Z series can connect up to 32 nodes, including router and end devices.

Based on the advantages above, the ADAM-2000Z series is the ideal wireless data acquisition solution.

The wireless ADAM-2000Z series:

ADAM-2510Z Wireless Router Node
ADAM-2520Z Wireless Modbus RTU Gateway
ADAM-2031Z Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor Node
ADAM-2017Z Wireless 6-ch Analog Input Node (Coming soon)
ADAM-2051Z Wireless 8-ch Digital Input Node
ADAM-2051PZ Wireless 8-ch Digital Input Node with Power Amplifier
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