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Smarter Device Connectivity for Engineers and IT professionals

Advantech ProView series Ethernet Switches, the convergence switches for process control and IT networking management, now are added with more choice with different form factors to fulfill various applications. The ProView range of switches uses Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP* to communicate with the SCADA software and SNMP to communicate with the NMS (Networking Management System) at the same time, thereby allowing full read control over the devices either for control engineers or for IT.
*Note: Refer to selection guide to see which models support Ethernet/IP

4-Port + 1 x 100FX-Port (Single/Multi-mode, SC/ST Type), Fast Ethernet ProView Switches
Single-mode SC/ST Type, Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

EKI-5525Smore EKI-5525S
Multi-mode SC/ST Type, Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

EKI-5525MEKI-5525M more
Datasheet EKI-5525S EKI-5525S   Buy EKI-5525S Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5525SI EKI-5525SI   Buy EKI-5525SI Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5525S-ST EKI-5525S-ST   Buy EKI-5525S-ST Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5525SI-ST EKI-5525SI-ST   Buy EKI-5525SI-ST Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5525MI EKI-5525MI   Buy EKI-5525MI Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5525M-ST EKI-5525M-ST   Buy EKI-5525M-ST Product Page
4-Port + 2 x 100FX-Port (Single/Multi-mode, SC/ST Type), Fast Ethernet ProView Switches
Single-mode SC/ST Type, Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

Multi-mode SC/ST Type, Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

Datasheet EKI-5524SS EKI-5524SS   Buy EKI-5524SS Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524SSI EKI-5524SSI   Buy EKI-5524SSI Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524SS-ST EKI-5524SS-ST   Buy EKI-5524SS-ST Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524SSI-ST EKI-5524SSI-ST   Buy EKI-5524SSI-ST Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524MM EKI-5524MM Buy EKI-5524MM Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524MMI EKI-5524MMI Buy EKI-5524MMI Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524MM-S EKI-5524MM-ST Buy EKI-5524MM-S Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5524MMI-ST EKI-5524MMI-ST Buy EKI-5524MMI-ST Product Page
Gigabit / Fast Ethernet ProView Ethernet Switches
5-Port Gigabit / Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

8-Port Gigabit / Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

16-Port Gigabit / Fast Ethernet ProView Switches

Datasheet EKI-5525 EKI-5525 Buy EKI-5525 Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5525I EKI-5525I Buy EKI-5525I Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5725 EKI-5725 Buy EKI-5725 Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5725I EKI-5725I Buy EKI-5725I Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5528 EKI-5528   Buy EKI-5528 Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5528I EKI-5528I   Buy EKI-5528I Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5728 EKI-5728   Buy EKI-5728 Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5728I EKI-5728I   Buy EKI-5728I Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5526 EKI-5526   Buy EKI-5526 Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5526I EKI-5526I   Buy EKI-5526I Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5726 EKI-5726   Buy EKI-5726 Product Page
Datasheet EKI-5726I EKI-5726I   Buy EKI-5726I Product Page
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