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Full Range of Machine Automation Solutions
Advantech's new-generation IPCs are designed for equipment builders who face the common challenges of limited equipment space, plus the need for quick maintenance times and short line downtime.

Featuring minimized chassis size to fit into smaller enclosures, built-in Intelligent System Module with self-diagnosis and remote manageability, plus modular design, Advantech machine builder IPCs facilitate system integration and hardware maintenance. They make ideal solutions for machine automation applications.
See how the dual-node IPC facilitates system integration
See how remote manageability facilitates machine maintenance
Designed for limited
equipment space
Built-in failure prediction and property management capabilities
Designed for easy maintenance and system integration
Vision-Guided Robot (VGR) - Automobile Assembly Line
An automobile assembly robot vendor uses an IPC combining ACP-2020 and AIMB-705.
These are the benefits:
Short-depth ACP-2020 for installation in 400mm depth rack.
Advantech SNMP sub-agent S/W allows user’s existing network management utility to manage the IPC without S/W modification.
AIMB-705 supports 1 PCIe x16 for USB 3.0 vision card and 2 PCIs for motion & I/O cards in 2U chassis.
Wide Area AOI - Paper Inspection Equipment
A paper inspection equipment vendor uses an IPC combining IPC-631 and AIMB-785.
Short-depth IPC-631 for easy integration in machine enclosure, all I/Os on same side for easy cabling.
AIMB-785 supports 7th Gen. Core™ i7 and up to 64GB memory for high-res image inspection.
AIMB-785 multiple PCIe for PoE, motion & I/O cards.
Dual-Node IPC - Pick and Place Handler
A semiconductor equipment builder uses ACP-4D00 and PCE-3029/4129-based IPC in their
pick-and-place handler:
ACP-4D00 compact size and dual-node design facilitate system integration and maintenance.
Control node installed with motion and I/O cards handles robotic parts movement and human-machine interface.
Computing node handles frame grabbing and complicated inspection algorithm with GPU computing power.
Product Selection Guide
ACP-4020BP-40ZE ACP-2020MB-35ZE
ACP-4020BP-40ZE Datasheet ACP-4020BP-40ZE
ACP-2020MB-35ZE Datasheet ACP-2020MB-35ZE
Short-depth 4U/2U chassis (350/400mm)
Easy-maintenance fan, HDD trays and redundant power supply*
Built-in Intelligent System Module enabling remote manageability and self-diagnosis
Hot-swap HDD tray is optional, redundant power supply only for ACP-2020
IPC-631 buy online IPC-603
IPC-631 Datasheet IPC-631 buy online
IPC-603 Datasheet IPC-603 Buy Online
Short-depth 4U/2U chassis 350/308mm
All I/Os, buttons, LEDs on the
same side
500W redundant power supply
(IPC-631 only)
ACP-4D00 Datasheet ACP-4D00 Buy Online
Short-depth 4U chassis
Dual-node design
Built-in Intelligent System Module enables remote manageability and self-diagnosis
AIMB-785 Datasheet AIMB-785 Buy Online
Intel® 6th/7th Gen. Core™ i processor
DDR4 2133/2400 MHz up to 64 GB
One PCIe x16, three PCIe x4 and three PCIs
AIMB-705 Datasheet AIMB-705 Buy Online
Intel® 6th/7th Gen. Core™ i processor
DDR4 2133/2400 MHz up to 32 GB
One PCIe x16, one PCIe x4 and five PCIs
PCE-3029 PCE-4129 Buy Online
PCE-3029 Datasheet PCE-3029 Buy Online
PCE-4129 Datasheet PCE-4129 Buy Online
Intel® 6th/7th Gen. Core™ i or Xeon® E3-1200 V5/6** processor
(ECC**) DDR4 2133/2400 MHz up to 32 GB
One PCIe x16, four PCIe x1 to backplane
Xeon processor and ECC memory only for PCE-4129
MIC-7500 Datasheet MIC-7500 Buy Online
Mobile Intel 6th Gen. Core i processor
DDR4 2133/2400 MHz up to 32GB
Compact, fan-less, optional i-module
Wide temp (-20 ~ 60 °C)
MIC-7900 MIC-7900 Buy Online
Intel Xeon D-15xx processor up to 12 cores
ECC DDR4 2133/2400 MHz up to 32GB
Compact, fan-less, optional i-module
Wide temp (-20 ~ 50 °C)

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