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Industrial Design

Advantech provides industrial grade storage and RAM solution with original IC selection and strict quality control process.

Comprehensive Security

SQFlash has the most comprehensive security functions in the industry to protect all data against viruses and hackers.

Enhanced Durability

Advantech SQFlash and SQRAM are designed with high endurance capability for flawless product delivery and smooth 24/7 operation.

Extended Longevity

Advantech supports 3-year longevity from product launch with strict fixed BOM support. Extended longevity support is offered for between 3~5 years.

SQFlash- Industrial Storage Modules
2.5” SSD
SQF-S25M4-16G-S9C 16G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M4-32G-S9C 32G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M4-64G-S9C 64G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M4-64G-S9E 64G -40~85ºC MLC
SQF-S25M8-128G-SAC 128G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M4-128G-S9C 128G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M4-256G-S9C 256G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M8-256G-SAC 256G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M8-256G-SAE 256G -40~85ºC MLC
SQF-S25M8-512G-SAC 512G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S25M8-512G-SAE 512G -40~85ºC MLC
SQF-S25M8-1T-SAE 1TB -40~85ºC MLC
CompactFlash (CF)
SQF-P10S1-1G-P8C 1G 0~70ºC SLC
SQF-P10S1-1G-P8E 1G -40~85ºC SLC
SQF-P10S2-2G-P8C 2G 0~70ºC SLC
SQF-P10S2-2G-P8E 2G -40~85ºC SLC
SQF-P10S2-4G-P8C 4G 0~70ºC SLC
SQF-P10S2-4G-P8E 4G -40~85ºC SLC
SQF-P10S2-8G-P8C 8G 0~70ºC SLC
SQF-S10M2-32G-S9C 32G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-S10M2-32G-S9E 32G -40~85ºC MLC
SQF-S10M2-64G-S9C 64G 0~70ºC MLC
Half-size mSATA
SQF-SHMM2-16G-S9C 16G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-SMSM4-16G-S9C 16G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-SMSM4-16G-S9E 16G -40~85ºC MLC
SQF-SMSM4-32G-S9C 32G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-SMSM4-64G-S9C 64G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-SMSM4-128G-S9C 128G 0~70ºC MLC
SQF-SMSM4-256G-S9C 256G 0~70ºC MLC
SQRAM- Industrial DRAM Modules Two-week Delivery!
SQR-SD3M-2G1K6SNLB 2G -20~85ºC
SQR-SD3M-4G1K6SNLB 4G -20~85ºC
SQR-SD3M-8G1K6SNLB 8G -20~85ºC
SQR-SD4M-4G2K1SNB 4G -20~85ºC
SQR-SD4M-8G2K1SNB 8G -20~85ºC
SQR-SD4M-16G2K1SNB 16G -20~85ºC
*EEPROM with Thermal sensor
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