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As food and beverage manufacturers target higher production rates with hundreds of PCs deployed throughout the factory, the management of complex processes becomes more critical. Managers need a single interface that allows them to spot trends and patterns more quickly.

Benefits of Visualization
High Operational Accuracy
Advantech Process Visualization Solution
  • UNO-1251G:
    Cloud-enabled HMI Platform with programmable OLED display for status and error indication.
    UNO-1251G |Datasheet UNO-1251G

  • WebOP-2000T Series:
    Flexible application ready Smart Operator Panels

  • WebAccess/HMI:
    Development software to create application solutions for labor-saving, improved efficiency and easy control of every device in the factory.
Solution Details
Model Name WOP-2040T-N1AE WOP-2070T-N2AE WOP-2100T-N2AE UNO-1251G-A0AE
Description Display panel with IP66-rated front panel for on-site operations Micro gateway with programmable OLED display
Size 4.3” 7” 10.1”
CPU ARM9-based RISC 32bits, 200MHz processor   RISC 32 bits TI ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor
WebAccess/HMI Designer
WOP-2040T-N1AE Datasheet WOP-2040T-N1AE   WOP-2070T-N2AE Datasheet WOP-2070T-N2AE   WOP-2100T-N2AE Datasheet WOP-2100T-N2AE   UNO-1251G-A0AE Datasheet UNO-1251G-A0AE
WebAccess/HMI Development Software

Software comes pre-installed on Advantech’s WebOP-2000T operator panels and UNO-1251G Cloud-enabled HMI Din-rail platform.

  • Smart Screen Management
  • Software Functions to Meet Various Machine Needs
  • Project-based Structure to Manage Multiple Applications
  • Friendly Tools to Make Customized Designs Easier and Efficient
  • Supports over 450 types of PLC/Controllers
Cloud-enabled HMI edge Gateway-UNO-1251G

Learn how Advantech's UNO-1251G Cloud-enabled HMI edge Gateway cam bring intelligence to your machine.

Enabling IoT & Industry 4.0 with WebAccess and WISE-PaaS AllianceLearn about Advantech WebAccess/HMI software and the whole suite of IoT Software, WISE-Paas, used to develop domain specific applications.

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