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  Stability and Reliability is at the forefront of machinery requirements in the era of industry 4.0. Any unexpected outage or malfunction occurring during operation will negatively impact manufacturing quality and throughput. More and more equipment and factory assets have been connected to network and therefore, exposed to cyber threats. Advantech provides a comprehensive embedded IoT security software solution which is powered by Intel Security and Acronis backup and recovery to enhance equipment reliability and security in the factory. Success Story
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  Service Highlights
Centralized Management
• Rapid remote deployment/configuration
• Monitor/report managed client data

Application Whitelisting
• Protect against zero-day attacks
• Execution by authorized software only
Change Control
• Set access rights for protected data
• Track content changes and prevent

Endpoint Protection
• Real-time endpoint threat protection
• Intelligent, adaptive scanning
• Advanced malware protection
Full Image Backups
Create exact replicas of an entire disk or selected partition to enable rapid recovery or migration to another computer

Powerful Recovery Options
Recover any file or folder. View backup hierarchies and files securely from any location via a web browser
  Suggested Computing Platforms
Embedded Single Board Computers
MIO-2360 mio-5272
  Fanless Embedded Systems
ARK-2250L ARK-3520L ARK-3405