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Complete Industrial Communication Solutions for Railway Systems
The rapid acceptance of Ethernet-based networking in railway infrastructures is providing many subtle benefits to traveler’s worldwide. Industrial Ethernet backbones offer high bandwidth to enable many IP-based applications. Advantech's industrial communication solutions combining with its ITA products are designed to fit in three different areas for railway applications, including train stations, onboard trains and train-to-ground communications.
Onboard train applications: Including moving Passenger Information Systems (PIS), in-seat Video Entertainment Systems (VES), and IP surveillance systems.
dot Station Applications: Such as Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), and Automatic Fare Collections (AFC).
dot Train-to-ground applications: Including wayside control.

Onboard Train Applications
Advantech’s EN50155 certified M12 Switch fulfills a wide range of applications in moving trains as it guarantees reliable performance under vibration and shock.
For Passenger Information Systems (PIS), this allows modules to connect with LCD and LED display boards which offer travel information, news and advertisements.
dot For in-seat Video Entertainment Systems (VES), this offers video monitors mounted on the back of every seat. This allows every passenger to choose their own audio and video on-demand movies, games and travel information.
dot And for video surveillance systems, this guarantees these devices can reliably connect with cameras for a variety of applications that provide increased safety and security
Station Applications

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
In modern railway stations, automatic fare collection (AFC) systems includes ticket vending machines (TVM), ticket checking machines (TCM),and gate control systems which require layer 2 and 3 switch that can ensure fast, reliable, safe, redundant network.

Passenger Information System (PIS)
Advantech's industrial switch and serial device server as the core communication system of Passenger Information Systems (PIS),  which allows railway stations to control and transmit real-time information from its control center to all local stations with accurate, travel information, (including train status, news, advertisement, and emergency information) to improve travel efficiency, safety and ease.

Wayside Control Applications

To control the trains from the wayside control cabinet, there are specific controllers, including CBI, TCC, RBC, and TSRS to ensure non-stop operation. Advantech industrial Ethernet switches form a dual fiber optic ring network, and each controller is connected simultaneously to these 2 fiber rings. With the Advantech X-Ring technology which ensures that a backup circuit is established in just 10ms to compensate for errors such as broken links. This comprehensive redundancy concept offers maximum possible security.

Product Offerings

Product: ITA-1610-S0A1E
  Intel® Atom™ D525 Compact System with Dual GigaLAN and Dual Display
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  Intel® Atom™ D525 AFC System with Dual GigaLAN, 16 COM ports and Expansion Slots
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  Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ i Processor Fanless System for Road Surveillance
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  EN50155 IP67 8-port Managed Ethernet Switch with Wide Temp.
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  8+2 SC Type Fiber Optic Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with Wide Temp.
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  5-port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
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  8+2G Combo Port Gigabit Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with Wide Temp.
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  4+2 100FX Port Single Mode Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch
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  16-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server
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