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Ultra HD video wall digital signage player

Multi-Display Video Wall Encourages Purchasing Decisions

Video wall applications have become more and more popular due to their immense impact on viewers. To create high-impact and eye-catching video walls, the budget-conscious customer is looking for engaging content and high-performance solution which can attract audiences and improve the effectiveness of their branding; resulting in greater footfall, longer dwell times, higher brand recognition, and ultimately to increased sales. Video walls can have a huge impact on consumers purchasing decisions and are becoming an essential marketing ingredient for the retail sector, especially in shopping malls.

System Requirements

Most video wall players consist of a motherboard with a graphic board to power the graphics, assembled in a rugged chassis. However customers often struggle with configuration and the high cost of integration of hardware and software. A System Integrator (SI) customer in Russia needed a powerful media player which could drive content for a screen matrix of 4 displays. They also needed robust management software which enabled multiple content to be displayed on the four screens or span the entire video wall display as required.

System Solution

Advantech DS-862 Digital Signage Player, combines a 3rd generation Intel® Core i7 CPU with discrete AMD Radeone E6460 GPU graphics to drive 4 screens via 4 DP port via 4 DP port and the most intricate content up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30hz per screen. As small a footprint as a notebook, DS-862 can be easily integrated and hidden behind the screen. The signage player includes a standard VESA mounting bracket with a wide variety of screw holes as a standard accessory, and which can be easily installed and removed for maintenance without disturbing the screens.

Moreover SUSIAccess for signage, a robust content management software comes bundled with DS-862, simplifying multi-display deployment. With an intuitive user interface, users can edit multi-zone layouts in minutes just by drag and drop and send designated content to one or more target media players for displaying on single or multiple screens. Each display can be configured to have unique content, meanwhile flexible configurations suchas 1x4, 4 x 1, and 2 x 2 content displays are supported. When any screen or media player fails or behaves abnormally, users can access, shut down and restart it by remote KVM function. Most problems can be resolved by remote control which can drastically reduce maintenance effort and time on site.


Delivering a powerful yet simple video wall solution in a sleek profile with low power consumption, DS-862 breaks down the barriers to video wall adoption by providing a highly reliable, high performance solution with built in signage software for simplified maintenance. More importantly, DS-862 provides a ready hardware and software solution package saving at least 20% on total cost of ownership.

  • Powerful graphics engine supporting four displays
  • Integrated with signage software
  • Compact, low profile for easy installation
  • Wireless IP connection
  • Windows® 7 Embedded
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