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Advantech Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs) offer standard form factors in compact sizes with rugged design, high flexibility and easy expansion capabilities. Moreover, Advantech provides integration services including Advantech WISE-PaaS software (IoT cloud platform), EMI/ESD optimized service, and wireless connectivity. Advantech embedded SBCs solutions make an ideal fit for industrial automation, transportation, and medical applications.
Why Advantech Embedded SBCs
Full range product offering from 2.5” Pico-ITX to 3.5” SBCs
Rugged solutions: -40~85°C & vibration resistance
Supports innovative expansion MI/O interface
Supports iManager & embedded API
Supports embedded Yocto & Win10 IoT
Advantech WISE-PaaS IoT software built-in
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Real Time OS & Compact Design
for CNC
2.5” MIO-2360
High CPU performance
Expansion for motion control module
Supports RTOS
Effective Performance & MIOe Extension
for Robotic Arm
3.5” MIO-5350
Effective CPU performance
MIOe extension available
Supports RTOS
High Performance
for Laser Labelling Machine
3.5” MIO-5272
Rich IOs (4 x LAN, 6 x COM)
Customized expansion board
Intel® Core™ i Performance
Compact & Expandable Design
for AGV Robot
2.5” MIO-3260
Compact size for low profile
Expansion for customized CANbus modules
Outstanding Graphic Performance
for Passenger Information System
2.5” MIO-2270
Transfer data at up to 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s)
Outstanding graphic performance with DirectX®11.1 support
Wide Range Power Support
for Railway Surveillance
3.5” PCM-9366
9-36V DC power input
Rich GPIOs/CANbus support
Wide temp. support: -40~85°C
Rich Expansion & Compact Design
for Hemodialysis Machine
3.5” PCM-9365
Multiple I/O support via PCI/104 extension
Multi-display support
Intelligent and compact systems with chassis
Reliable & Rich IO Design
for Nerve Integrity Monitor
3.5” PCM-9310
Rich IO ( 4 x COM, 2 x SATA, 6 x USB, TPM2.0 )
Compact size for system integration
3 independent displays