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for Space-saving Application
  EtherIO is an Ethernet-based Real-time Sensing technology which can enable high-speed data acquisition and remote serial communication in one bus. It is suitable for machine automation, predictive maintenance, equipment monitoring and optimization, and production traceability applications. By transforming standard LAN ports into dedicated real-time I/O ports, EtherIO provides a cost-effective alternative to fieldbus-based data collection with less than 10% CPU usage. <read more>

Advantech EtherIO Technology
When can Real-Time I/O benefit Smart Factory?

Real-Time Database Connectivity
Improves Quality Control ATEs

・For machines equipped with an HMI, EtherIO uses less
    than 10% of CPU processing power for real-time
    data collection
・Data can be transmitted to the cloud/MES via ODBC
    Direct for rapid quality management and feedback

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Real-Time Big Data Collection Enables
Automated Predictive Maintenance

・Big data can be collected and analyzed in real time to
    identify potential problems with the equipment and
・Predictive maintenance can be automated to prevent
   sudden equipment failure from interrupting operations
   and reducing productivity

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Real-Time Production Data Facilitates
Smarter Manufacturing

・Diverse PLCs and meters can be integrated for
    transmitting data to the back-end management system
    using various protocols
・Transforms the I/O hardware of existing systems into
    software-based real-time I/O to enable cross-platform
    machine automation and smart factory applications

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How to Build Distributed High-Speed I/O Solution?

・For data visualization applications
・Panel sizes from 3.5” to 21.5”
・Both 4:3 and 16:9 displays

  TPC-1881WP TPC-1881WP - Datasheet   TPC-1582H TPC-1582H - Datasheet
  TPC-1782H TPC-1782H - Datasheet   TPC-1282T TPC-1282T - Datasheet

・For data gateway applications
・Diverse CPUs, board, and I/O options
・DIN rail, panel, wall, and pole mounting

  UNO-2473G UNO-2473G - Datasheet   UNO-1372G UNO-1372G - Datasheet

・For control IPC applications
・Diverse digital/analog I/O, storage,
   and communication options
・Star, line, and tree topologies

  APAX-5580 APAX-5580 - Datasheet  

APAX-5013 APAX-5013 - Datasheet 8-ch RTD module
APAX-5017 APAX-5017 - Datasheet 12-ch analog input module
APAX-5017H APAX-5017H - Datasheet 12-ch high-speed analog input
APAX-5018 APAX-5018 - Datasheet 12-ch thermocouple input module
APAX-5028 APAX-5028 - Datasheet 8-ch analog output module

APAX-5040 24-ch digital input module
APAX-5045 APAX-5045 - Datasheet 24-ch digital I/O module
APAX-5046 APAX-5046 - Datasheet 24-ch digital output module
APAX-5046SO APAX-5046SO - Datasheet 20-ch source-type digital output
APAX-5060 APAX-5060 Datasheet 12-ch relay output module
APAX-5080 APAX-5080 Datasheet 4/8-ch high/low-speed counter

・Flexible star/line topology
・Integrate up to 32 I/O expansion
・Supports up to 768 digital/192
   analog signals
・Hot-swappable and Engineer    Friendly Design

  APAX-5490 APAX-5490 Datasheet 4-port RS-232/422/485
    Communication module

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