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Penetrating Segmented Markets by Integrating Control Platform
The TPC-1582H is the first in the TPC range to use Intel’s 4th Generation Core i3 processor, which provides an additional 15% increase in speed compared to 3rd Generation processors and faster also refreshes graphic images 30% faster.

All of these benefits are achieved whilst maintaining low power consumption and enhanced reliability. Advantech’s TPC range is renowned for its multitude of IO ports and expandability and the TPC-1582H is no exception since it has: two USB 3.0 ports for high speed camara; a PCIe slot for adding functions; a HDMI port for an additional display; the iDoor Technology slot uses a mini PCIe connector and if not being used for iDoor modules it can be used for adding additional cards such as Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS.
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Product Page - TPC-1528H download technical Datasheet
15" XGA TFT LED LCD Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i3 Touch Panel Computer
Industrial 15" XGA TFT LCD with 50K Lifetime LED Backlight Supports Fieldbus Protocol by iDoor Technology
Intel 4th Generation Core i3 1.7GHz with 4GB DDR3 SDRAM 3G/GPS/GPRS/WiFi Communication by iDoor Technology
Compact Fanless Embedded System with Al Alloy Front Bezel Supports Battery-backup MRAM by iDoor Technology
IP65 Approved Front Protection & Panel Mounting Chassis Grounding Protection
More Durable 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen HDMI and Audio Multimedia Support
PCIe and Mini PCIe Expansion Support Support Advantech SusiAccess Remote Device Management Software
Diverse system IO and Isolated Digital IO by iDoor Technology    
iDoor Modules
PCM-24D2R2 PCM-24D2R4 PCM-24D4R2 PCM-24D4R4
PCM-24D2R4 PCM-24D4R2 PCM-24D4R4
Product page PCM-24D2R2 Technical Datasheet PCM-24D2R2
Product Page PCM-24D2R4 Technical Datasheet PCM-24D2R4
Product Page PCM-24D4R2 Technical Datasheet PCM-24D4R2
Product Page PCM-24D4R4 Technical Datasheet PCM-24D4R4
2-Ports Isolated RS-232 mPCIe, DB9 2-Ports Isolated RS-422/485 mPCIe, DB9 4-Ports Non-Isolated RS-232 mPCIe, DB37 4-Ports Non-Isolated RS-422/485 mPCIe, DB37
PCI Express® Mini Card Specification Revision 1.2 compliant I/O address automatically assigned by PCIe plug & play
Speeds up to 921.6 kbps for extremely fast data transmission (PCM-24D2R4 & PCM-24D4R4 only) Operating systems supported: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, and Linux 2.4/2.6
Supports any baud rate setting (50bps~921.6kbps) OXPCIe952/OXPCIe954 UART with 128-byte FIFOs standard
Supports both Isolated & Non-Isolated Protection with 2/4 Ports RS-232/422/485    
  Fieldbus Protocol   Digital/Analog I/O   Memory/Storage
Product Page PCM-26D2CA Technical Datasheet PCM-26D2CA
Product Page PCM-27D24DI Technical Datasheet PCM-27D24DI
Product Page PCM-2300MR Technical Datasheet PCM-2300MR
2-Ports Isolated CANBus mPCIe, CANOpen, DB9 24-Channels Isolated Digital I/O with counter mPCIe, DB37 2MB Industrial MRAM Mini PCIe card
PCI Express® Mini Card Specification Revision 1.2 compliant
Supports Advantech CANOpen Protocol Library
Operates two separate CAN networks simultaneously
High speed transmission up to 1 Mbps
I/O address automatically assigned by PCIe plug & play
Supports 32-bits/64-bits Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, and Linux 2.4/2.6
Optical isolation protection of 2500 VDC ensures system reliability
Includes Windows® DLL library and examples
PCI Express® Mini Card Specification Revision 1.2 compliant
Supports wide-input/output voltage (10-30 VDC/5-30 VDC)
High over-voltage-protection (70 VDC) and voltage isolation (2,500 VDC)
Easy configuration & efficient programming by Advantech DAQNavi
I/O address automatically assigned by PCIe plug & play
Keeps the output settings and values after system hot reset
Supports Microsoft® Windows CE5/CE6 driver
Supports Microsoft® Windows enterprise server 2008/ WES (Windows Embedded Standard)7/ WES2009/Win7/ WinXP 32 and 64bits
Supports Linux Intel x86 hardware platform

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